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How I Found The Best Service for Mold Removal in Montreal

How I Found The Best Service for Mold Removal in Montreal  - Shane Steele

When I purchased my first flat to live on my own, my joy knew no bounds. Living one your own is something that I had been wanting for quite some time, and it was finally happening. I took joy and pride in doing everything around and inside the house, and every little maintenance task I carried out gave me a sense of pride in having accomplished something great.

However, I soon encountered my first real problem in the house; something that I couldn’t solve myself: mold. Due to the humid kind of weather in Montreal, there was quite a lot of mold formation in the house. Even after having tried various solutions on the internet, I couldn't find a good enough solution to get rid of the same, and that is when I began searching for a service that specialized in mold removal in Montreal.

While searching for the various services that provided the same was an easy task, selecting the right one was not. Finally, I chose one off the internet; the one which looked promising enough to help me get rid of the mold problem in my home. Knowing how fast this was growing, I asked the people over the phone to come as soon as possible, and surprisingly enough, I had their people over to my house for an inspection in less than an hour.

The inspection people took samples of the mold at various places in my house, and told me that it'd be now sent to a testing laboratory to decide what kind it was, and what would be the best treatment for the same. After they left with the samples, I kept wondering as to how much time it'd take.

However, around 24 hours after that, they visited me again, informing as to what kind of mold it was and what was the best possible way for its removal. Not only was this pretty fast and accurate (as I discovered later), but their price for removal seemed pretty affordable to me, considering how much the problem had spread over the weeks.

Needless to say, they began work at my place the same day. Within three days of having made the call, I could see how mold- free and clean my place had become. It has been over six months now since I got the mold removal service people at my place, and haven't had a problem since.

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