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Laundry talk

Laundry talk - Shane Steele

My building doesn’t allow tenants to have their own washing or drying machines. It doesn’t have a laundry service either. All of the residents must go to a laundromat in order to do their laundry. The closest one is four blocks away and it is located inside a convenience store.

For washing, each load of clothes costs $1.75. For drying, there are two options: using a huge dryer or a smaller one. The big dryer costs $1.75 for ten minutes, whereas the smaller one is the same price for twenty minutes. I regularly use the latter instead of the industrial one.

All in total is about twelve dollars that I end up paying for doing my laundry there. Until recently that’s what I did.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me there was a laundromat in his building that I could use. It was charging only $0.75 for a load, washing or drying. And that for a full cycle of drying, which meant more than forty minutes. I was pleased to see that I had another option. A cheaper one.

The only inconvenient was that I had to drive there, since Dan was living ten minutes away by car from me.

Anyway that did not bother much, because he came up with a great idea. While I was having my clothes washed or/and dried in his building, he wanted me to come up and have a beer or play a game. That type of offer was irresistible.

Now when I go there, along with my bag of dirty clothes, I always grab a six pack for D. and I.

That’s the least I can do. It’s so cool that I can get two things done in the same time!

This evening when I went downstairs to the laundry room to take my stuff out of the dryer, I met one of D.’s neighbours.

He was trying to put inside the washer a big white something, that I assumed it was a bedsheet or a cover. It looked like his load was way too big to fit inside the washing machine. While I was talking to the man, I noted that he was wearing a Door awnings longueuil t-shirt. I assumed he was advertising for his company or the one that he was working for.

He guessed my thoughts and started to say that he had nothing to do with the company. I smiled and went back upstairs.

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