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My New Sports Car

My New Sports Car - Shane Steele

I am a person who have avid interest in cars, especially sports cars. Since my teenage, I used to drive my father cars and always wanted to own my very own sports cars. After I completed college, and started working, I started to save a percentage of my income for buying a sports car. Soon enough I saved enough and I was all ready to buy my very own sports. 

I called upon a friend who was also possessed deep interest in cars and we both went for a search of a sports car. During the travelling time, my friend asked me about what functions I am looking for in my new car. I told him that I want a sports car with beautiful shape, loud exhaust, high horse power and very good air conditioning as it's really hot in my hometown. My friend remained silent for a moment and then said that doesn't I want my sports car to be equipped with a world class Vehicle Restraint System ? 

I was surprised by his question and said that dude sports cars are always equipped with good braking system. My friend smiled and said that safety and security is not always linked with braking systems. A good braking system is a must, but there are many other components that work along with brakes to make brakes more effective and to save our lives in case of a fatal accident. He told me to look for a car that has a good Vehicle Restraint System installed along with the other features I am looking for. He gave me examples of seatbelts and airbags etc. 

He advised me that look out for maximum number of airbags such as 6 or 12 possible. All passengers should be entitled to airbags, whether seated in front or the backseat of the car. I took his advices really seriously and as soon as we stopped at a showroom, I asked the dealer about a sports car with maximum number of airbags and other components of a good vehicule restraint system. The dealer was amazed that I am not looking for speed and style but I am looking for safety first. He then showed me few cars and I bought a car that has all the things I wanted and it also fell under my budget. Now I feel really safe and secure while driving my brand new sports car.

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